"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the tender, loving care you gave to our 100-year old mother, Marge. In the beginning, it was difficult trying to explain that Angelica’s would be her new home. After all she had been self-sufficient for 98 years. A few months later we took Marge outside Angelica’s for a family dinner, we were worried she would not want to return. After dinner, we told her we were taking her back to Angelica’s. On the way she said “Where are you taking me?’ “Back to Angelica’s” we told her. She was frustrated but when we pulled in the driveway, she said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were taking me home!

We know it was the kindness, care, and attention you and your staff gave Marge that made her want to go 'back home'.”

- Linda J.

"Senior care is a concern for many.  I found Angelica's Place to be a place that is clean and well staffed with caring personnel.  They are attentive to their residents.  It has a comfortable gathering room for socializing, game playing and TV an movie watching.  There is also a large activity room, for crafting and for friends and family to visit."

- The Douglas Family

"Before coming to Angelica’s Place I was very resistant to the idea of moving here. I had been receiving care in another facility and just wanted to go back to my own home. As my medical needs and challenged mobility didn’t allow for that, I reluctantly agreed to come to Angelica’s Place. In spite of my initial resistance, I soon discovered that the staff here are more like family, and I have truly become close with each of them in some way. They have helped me to feel safe, and comfortable, and got me to be involved in activities instead of isolating myself. They also gently pushed me in just the right ways to help me improve my mobility, self-care, and my medical conditions. I now feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to live here for as long as my needs dictate. I truly believe that the staff here are giving me the best chance I’ve had in years to return to my home, because of their amazing love and care."

- Elaine Bernstein

"Dear Dawn, Thank you for the beautiful arrangement, your visitation, but most of all, your genuine, kind care that you gave to our Mom. We all appreciate your passionate dedication to all of the residents at Angelica’s and wish you only the best in your future. You are a dear, kind person and we all consider you a friend. Thank you for all you do."

- Marge’s kids

“Thank you to the entire staff at Angelica’s Place for the loving care, kindness, and concern you shared with Peter. It helps us to know he was being well cared for and taken care of when we were unable to be with him. God bless you all!”

- Mary P.

"I always get the personal attention I need, when I need it, but I also enjoy my privacy. It’s such a blessing to have my family close by. The staff is very friendly and everything is always very clean and organized, which is why I am always comfortable calling Angelica's Place my home."

- Marge S.