3 Signs That Your Aging Loved One May Need Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facility

The thought of moving your loved one into an assisted living facility is scary, but for most individuals, there comes a time when they require assistance with the daily activities of life. Each of us wants our loved ones to be well and safe, but how do you know when the time is right to bring up the subject? Although each situation is different, here are 3 signs that your aging parent may require elder care:

Changes In Their Physical Appearance. Does your elderly parent appear to be thinner? Have they gained a noticeable amount of weight? Can you smell a strange body odor? When you hug them, do you notice any changes in their stature or strength? Has their overall appearance become unkempt? Changes in physical appearance are a strong indicator that your loved ones may not be able to care for themselves as they once did. 

Changes In Their Living Conditions. This is sometimes the hardest sign to see because we become used to it; however, if you are noticing lots of new clutter, grime and clutter in the bathroom, and signs of lax housekeeping, this is another indicator that your loved one may need assisted living. 

The BIG Red Flags. There are specific situations that make it much more obvious it’s time to consider dignified assisted living, This list of big red flags includes recent close calls and accidents, a worsening chronic health condition, and increased difficulty in managing the daily activities of life (ADL). ADLs are the skills that are required for a person to live independently, such as dressing, shopping, managing medications, cooking, etc. 

If you believe that it is time for your loved one to move to an assisted living facility, places our trust in the experienced staff at Angelica’s Place. Our comfortable, intimate senior communities offer individualized and personal care that your loved one deserves along with enriching, luxurious amenities. Contact us today to learn more!

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