What is Senior Living? What Makes it Different from a Nursing Home?

For seniors that need a bit more help than they can manage on their own, it may seem like the only alternative is something like a nursing home. Senior living, however, is an excellent way to get the extra help you need without having to give up all your freedom as you would in a nursing home. So what is senior living?

In most cases, senior living consists of the senior in questions living in a predetermined residence where staff has 24-hour access to them. However, this doesn't mean that they are going to be monitored at all times but rather that the staff can get to them quickly if they need help or if something goes wrong.

Generally in senior living communities seniors live in patio homes or apartment like homes where staff can check on them once a week or where they can call the front desk and have someone sent over to help if they are in need.

How is this different than a nursing home? In a nursing home seniors are not allowed to leave, must follow specific guides and rules, have meals prepared for them, and have medicine administered by a nurse. The medical staff also checks in on the patient several times a day and virtually all freedom is gone.

Senior living allows you to maintain what freedom you have but simply adds a bit of help here and there for those times when you cannot do it yourself. This is a wonderful option for those seniors that can still do a great deal on their own but that may not feel safe living alone away from immediate help. Senior living is a wonderful option and could be right for you or for that independent senior in your life.

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