Making Assisted Living Feel Like Home

If you stop and speak to people residing in an assisted living facility most will tell you that it is not home and will never be like their home. If your loved one needs 24/7 assisted care and you cannot give this to them then an assisted living arrangement successfully answers the need when your loved one needs:

  • Help getting to the bathroom
  • Help with daily personal hygiene needs
  • Help with meals and monitor food and fluid intake
  • Help taking prescribed medicine
  • socialization
  • Assistance in increasing the highest possible level of independence
  • Physical therapy or occupational therapy to improve daily independence

Senior residents in an assisted living facility do adapt and with time enjoy their new home. Allow the person the freedom to take personal items with them such as comforters, lamps, pictures, books, keepsakes, home accessories, mirrors, door signs, dishes, favorite furniture selections, personal linens, and any personal items that make this new space look more like home.

Personalize New Living Arrangements

Be positive about the move.

  • Walk through a grief process with your loved ones when they leave their home.
  • Get involved with this move and show a lot of patience.
  • Organize and figure out how to store too many things that simply cannot be left behind.
  • Never argue with your loved one about personal possessions that are not important in your mind, but are important to your loved one and figure it out.
  • Decorate according to the person's style and taste.
  • Always allow your loved one to take charge of the move and make decisions. Never step in and take full control.
  • Encourage socialization with new neighbors.
  • Personally, connect with seniors living near your loved one
  • Accompany your loved one on special trips, outings, and activities.
  • Visit often and take your loved one on personal outings such as church and shopping trips as much as possible.

When you know that your loved one needs extra daily help and you cannot give this to them, an assisted living facility is a wonderful place to help meet these needs.

If you're looking for a reliable, lovable, and friendly assisted living facility for your aging loved one, contact Angelica's place today. 

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