The Basics of Assisted Living

As people get older, assisted living can be a great option to get the best care and peace of mind for close family. Let’s take a look at the basics of assisted living and who can benefit from these services.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is designed for individuals who need care and aid with everyday tasks. From bathing and dressing to transportation and meals, this in-home or in-facility care is designed to help. The main goal of many assisted living programs is to allow seniors independent living in a safe and comfortable environment.

Is Assisted Living Safe?

Each state has regulations and rules regarding assisted living programs. While there are federal laws in place, most regulation occurs at the state level. These laws are designed to protect those in assisted living care.

What Services Are Offered with Assisted Living?

There are different levels of assisted living care in order to meet a wide-variety of needs.

Type 1 Assisted Living Facility: These facilities are designed for seniors who require minimal care with everyday tasks. In many cases, they will receive assistance with medication and general nursing care. Seniors in these programs tend to be mobile and with stable health.
Type 2 Assisted Living Facility: These care centers are for seniors who require more targeted care, including personalized health services each day of the week.

Assisted living can range from apartment-style residences to small house-like condos. Most services will offer extensive privacy, decorations to make the residents feel at home and a community-style atmosphere.

Residents can experience the continued joys of life with 24/7 care and can be a great option for seniors or families looking for additional care.

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