Is Assisted Living Right For My Elder Loved One?

Making decisions regarding living arrangements and care for an elder loved one involves more than just choosing a physical living location. Determining whether an assisted living facility is right for your loved one involves understanding information about assisted living facilities, deciding if it is the best option and if a particular assisted living facility is the ideal choice for your elder loved one.

What Is An Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living is one of several living options for today’s seniors. When describing assisted living facilities, the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging points out there is “Not a standard definition for this term.” The N4A also indicates that assisted living facilities may mean different things in different states. However, it is not confusing when you obtain the necessary information about assisted living facilities in your area.

Private living areas, combined with common areas that allow for socializing with other senior residents and the knowledge that professional care and supervision is provided often makes assisted living an ideal option for many elders.

Is Assisted Living The Best Decision For My Elder Loved One?

Assisted living facilities provide some level of care to all elder residents. The care provided depends partly on individual needs. While some care is provided on an ongoing basis, the care is not the same level provided in many nursing homes or some specialty care facilities.

If your elder loved one needs help with activities of daily living, needs medication management, needs more help than you can provide, assisted living is potentially an ideal option.

How To Choose An Assisted Living Facility

Selecting an ideal assisted living facility requires making sure the facility provides the services your elder loved one needs. Make sure you understand costs and insurance coverage.

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